Gerhard de BruinHi, and thanks for visiting this website.

As a professional photographer with more than 25 years experience I believe that creating an image is not simply a question of pressing a button on a mini computer. (what cameras unfortunately are these days).
I see the taking of a photograph as the capturing of an important moment in history that can never be changed.

It shows us at our best or worst and may have a profound effect on all who see it later. It can either make or break and the old saying that one picture is better than a thousand words is certainly true. I see photography as an art and one of the most creative means of communication known to humankind. Photographic images will still be around long after we have perished saving that moment in history for all to cherish.

The power of a photo must therefore never be underestimated.
As a photographer, I am obsessed with the pursuit of perfection every time I press the shutter. In my profession nothing is as important as the end result and a satisfied customer. I believe there is no room for error concerning this.

In short – I started photography at a very young age as a hobby. Later on I studied it at the School of Art at the Port Elizabeth Technicon. While being a student I free-lanced for a number of publications doing  mainly fashion and glamour photography. In 1989 I joined the Afrikaans newspaper, RAPPORT, where I worked as a staff photographer and also as a senior journalist for 20 years. During this time I covered almost every photographic subject one can think of. From international and local sports events, news and glamour, politics, our transition to democracy in 1994, as well as the MISS. SOUTH AFRICA beauty contest campaigns of the early 90,s. Then there was advertising shots, portraits of newsmakers, crime scenes, paparazzi style photos, riots and politics, and the weddings of well known personalities.

In 2009 I left the media and formed Silverzone Images, the name I am trading under. I am based in the Ballito area in Kwazulu-Natal and service mostly the greater Durban area, the north and south coast, as well as the Drakensberg and Natal midlands. I have however done plenty of photographic assignment’s  in other parts of the country as well, and basically travel wherever the job takes me.
The photos in this website represents only a small fraction of what I am capable of. The different sections do however cover most of the subjects I specialize in and are passionate about.

Taking cost into consideration I have different compatible packages and prices for each subject. I will not cost you an arm or a leg like most photographers out there. You will however get value for your money and good service.
I do not believe you would be reading this  if you are not interested in my photography. All I can say is thank you for that. Your time and consideration of my work are greatly appreciated.